Hello there, I’m Catherine but you can call me Cat for short.

This little corner of the sphere is my place to share about family life, things we are doing to our home, great design and anything else I might want to ramble on about.

The best things in life are free and for me those things are my amazingly talented, graphic designer husband Stephen and our eight year old pickle Lucas. Stephen & I run our design studio together. Lots of people pull a funny face when we say we work together? We compliment each other and don’t want to kill each other at the end of a long, hard week, well mostly. We never argue over buying stuff for our home or decorating… we have almost the exact same sense of style and design and he’s a pretty great cook too… bonus! Oh yeah, and I think he’s pretty hot!

Our funny little fella, Lucas, is a bit of a comedian and so sweet. Don’t get me wrong he can be a little terror. Thankfully when he’s realised what a terror he has been he usually apologises and sends himself to the naughty step! He’s got a lot of my personality traits, which is a shame really, he’s got a temper like a rabid dog, he’s quite shy around large groups of children yet he can entertain a handful of adults. He knows his own mind and can be quite stubborn but he is a loving, caring gentle soul that is full of passion and fun. He’s our little miracle because by rights we shouldn’t have been able to conceive him naturally.

What… you want to know a little about me?! Hell, ermmmm well I’m quite shy but have learnt to overcome it a lot since having Lucas. I’m pretty good at covering it up or just avoiding certain situations. I have a big heart and care a lot but at the same time I’m quite cynical. I find the 10 o’clock news difficult to watch and I consider myself to be a sugarholic. (I’m working on that bit). Since turning 40 I have become a very sentimental old fool and and get caught up in the past too much. I adore a good car boot sale and especially love great Mid Century design as well as new Scandinavian design. It’s no secret that my favourite place to visit is Copenhagen.

I went to college, where I met Stephen when I was 16. We didn’t get together until 15 years later when we met up again through a mutual college friend. We both studied Graphic Design but I went on to become a photographer, through the stark realisation that everyone was better at drawing than me. I love photography but my passion lies with the old darkroom techniques. I have a growing fondness for digital but you can’t beat the smell of chemicals, the feel of film and the discipline of taking care of every single shot.

After having Lucas and moving into our new family home 8 years ago I developed my own style and we are still decorating to make the house our home. Interior design is my new passion and I enjoy helping people overcome those barriers in their homes that makes every room beige and bland because they are ‘playing it safe’. It is my mission to help everyone have a home they dream of.

Cassie our cat is 16 years old and we love her to bits, well at least when she’s not sicking up on our kitchen floor or peeing in our bathroom!


Most of the images are taken with my lovely white Nikon 1 J2 in the main part because I always have it in my bag.

My larger pro camera, which I use sometimes for the blog, is a Nikon D2X. Yes it’s due for retirement soon but I’m still trying to decide on which one to buy next. Whatever it is it will have a 50mm lens. I finally decided on a new camera and i can’t rave enough about it! I went with the Nikon D750 in the end. The quality surpasses my old camera by a mile and the things I especially love about it are the flip screen and I can either use the eye piece or choose Live View to frame my image. It has video capability and an auto setting for the hubs to be able to use. Most of all it doesn’t weigh a tonne and has a good sized hand grip and takes incredible images even in low light. It’s amazing how a digital camera can me this excited!

I have lots of old film cameras including a number of pretty vintage, is 80’s now classed as vintage, hell I even think 90’s is vintage… jeez I’m feeling old, polaroids and some great lomo cameras, my first first being the classic LC-A which I bought 15 years ago.

I use Lightroom to edit all my photos as of 2016!


If you want to ask me any questions or just to say hello then you can email me on


or you can see me on instagram @thtripletriangle or my personal account @catherine_caton

Thanks for stopping by.

Cat x