Anniversary | 11 years

August 17th 2015
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Last year we celebrated 10 years together from our wedding day. To celebrate we threw a big party. Our wedding was a very small, private affair and the photos we have don’t do it any justice. For our 10 years together we knew we wanted it documented. I sadly never actually got around to sharing those photographs on here. Today we have been married for 11 years. They say time flies when you’re having fun and in all seriousness it feels like only yesterday that we got married. I was lucky to marry my best friend, soul mate and lover, and each year just brings us closer. Growing old and grey has never been on my priority list but if it’s with this man I’ll take it as it comes. We’ve come a long way together and have had a roller coaster journey but we are on a good road at the moment. Life couldn’t really get much better and I love everything that this life throws at us as it just makes us grow stronger together.

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It was so heart warming flicking back through the photos that the absolutely lovely, very heavily pregnant at the time and super talented Anna Hardy took on the day of our 10 year anniversary party last year. She took gazillions and stayed way over the time she’d allocate and she delivered more than I could I have hoped for. It was so easy having her around. Thank you again Anna for just being so darn lovely and capturing our day so well for us to remember forever. I shall post more of the day later in the week.

To my darling, kind, caring, considerate Stephen, I love you more each day. Happy Anniversary! x


  1. Happy Anniversary! Such beautiful pictures that capture your lives together. Like you, we had a small ceremony and didn’t really have it photographed other than by friends and family. I did have gastroenteritis on my wedding day so I’m kind of glad we didn’t get our pictures taken much! We celebrate ten years this November, so we need to embrace that somehow, but I just can’t make up my mind how! x

  2. This is such a lovely idea, and such great photos. Happy Anniversary to you both. x

    • Bless you lovely. It was an awesome day even though the sun didn’t show. It was more fun than our actual wedding!!! x

  3. you guys are adorable.. happy 10 years!

    • Thank you lovely. :) We’re very lucky that we found each other. x

  4. You are SO very welcome – I absolutely loved being there with you guys and will always remember this day. Thank you so much for including me. Massive congratulations to you all and your beautiful family!!! x

    • It was a brilliant day and I’m so glad you could make it considering you were about to pop :) You captured some lovely memories. Congratulations on your little one too xx

  5. Love these, and you are such a cute couple! Congratulations xx

    • Awww bless you xx

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