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December 1st 2014
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It’s the 1st December already?! How did that happen?! 24 days to go and I don’t know who’s more excited… me or the boy.

For quite some time I’ve had big ideas to make my own advent calendar for the boy. His grandparents have always bought him chocolate ones, both sets of them… thats a lot of chocolate to eat for one fairly dinky 7 year old. We’ve bought him lego star wars advent’s the past 2 years and great as they are it just didn’t feel personal or made with the love I knew it could be.

I had a quick look through good old pinterest and found a few fab ideas. Problem was I only had about a week and an already busy one at that. In the end I opted for a simple design that was straightforward to make and didn’t involve sewing.

These are just a couple of the ideas I found on pinterest. You can have a look at the rest of my festive pins here.

TTT blog tree adventTTT blog advent_2

Source | One & Two

TTT blog advent_3 copyTTT blog_4 copy

Source | Three &  Four

Last minute looking for a template I found this post on etsy. This prompted me to add some washi tape to some of the boxes and the template was fairly straightforward.

I made 4 different sized boxes and just enlarged the template to make a 20cm tall one that fit over two pages of A4. I had a particular spot in mind to put them so didn’t want to make them too big. I also didn’t want to have spend a fortune on filling them so a small toy or sweetie is just enough, and believe me it’s really easy to get carried away.

TTT blog advent_5

Tools you’ll need:

  • Card Stock ( I used green A4 and silver A2),
  • PVA Glue
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Knitting Needle
  • Washi Tape for Decoration
  • Number Stamp Kit with Ink
  • Double Sided Tape

Ideas for fillers:

  • Small Rubbers
  • Badges
  • Pre Wrapped Chocolate like Coins
  • Small Sweeties
  • Dinky Toys
  • Lego Figures

How to:

1. Print out the templates and cut them out. I drew around the first one on the card stock and then cut it out and used that as a thicker template. My printer would’t print direct on to the card but if yours does then I’d suggest printing straight onto it.

TTT blog advent_6

2. Cut out all 24 shapes and use the ruler and knitting needle (or something else with  blunt point) to score the fold lines. Once scored it’s much easier to fold.

3. If you want to draw a stencil design or stamp numbers on to the cones then you could do this before folding and sticking. (I didn’t)

TTT blog advent_7

4. Use PVA glue to stick one side to the bottom and use double sided tape on the two other flaps. (Don’t peel it off until you’ve filled it with a treat.)

TTT blog advent_8

We don’t like Lucas to eat too much sugary stuff so we have tried to work out which ones he would be opening at the weekends and mostly only filled those with the sugary treats. Lucas especially loves chocolate orange so I bought a share bag of mini segments and wrapped those in tin foil before placing in the boxes.

TTT blog advent_10

5. Once you’ve filled and sealed they can then be decorated. I used a white chalkboard pen to create the lines and snow topped mountains and used washi tape to add a little more interest to a few of them.

When they are all finished make sure you mix up the numbers because part of the challenge and excitement is to find the number!

It took me around 5 hours to complete this and it was so worth it. He came bounding into our bedroom this morning to thank me for his advent calendar. His face was a picture and he was so excited to open his first one. It’s moments like these that make the hard work worthwhile.

I’d love to know if you’ve made an advent calendar this year. Add a link in the comments below so I can check them out as I need to start getting ideas together for next year!


All photos taken by me. Idea is a mix of great tutorials found on pinterest.




February 14th 2014
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buttom heart frame

We are not ones to get overly hung up on valentine’s gifts for each other. We show each other how we feel on random days rather than keeping it for specific days.

This is something I made for my lovely husband about 4 years ago. I hand stitched buttons on to fabric and framed it. It took me quite a few hours to make but it was well worth it to see the look on his face.

buttom heart frame 2buttom heart frame 3

Stephen I love you more than Smarties and pizza! Be my valentine everyday ♡

Moody Monday – DIY Valentine

February 10th 2014
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Only a few days to get organised till V day! Thought I’d find some fab homemade ideas you can turn your hand to… I know I’m just too good to you. :)

DIY valentine

| 5 | 7 | 8 9 | 10 | 11 | 12

1 – Choc covered strawberry hearts, 1 fine  | 2 – cement coasters, A daily | 3 – Glittered heart mug, Inspiration | 4 – Heart Attack, The house that Lars  | 5 – Pencil holder, Strawberry Chic blog | 6 –  White choc raspberry cheesecake, Cooking | 7 – Shortbread heart cookies, Two peas & their | 8 – chalkboard mug, | 9 – Heart wreath, Woodlands home blog |10 – I love you toast, Piranha | 11 – Heart shaped soap, Martha | 12 – String art, Make Grow


So many amazing ideas out there and with a little imagination you can make even the simplest ideas into a great valentine gift. Take the pencil block or chalk mug, it becomes the perfect valentine gift by simply making it a heart design.

As for us, we are going to a great local pub with good food, fab music and great company for our valentines evening. It can be celebrated in many ways and ours this year just happens to be right with a group of friends.

Whatever you choose to do have fun and keep on loving. ♡

Letterpress – save the date

February 7th 2014
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SHB blog C&P_1

My husband’s cousin is getting married this year and they asked him to design their save the dates and wedding invitations. They wanted something a little different for both of them. Between them they decided upon a letterpressed beer mat for the save the date!

This is how they turned out…

SHB blog C&P

I have a very talented husband *proud face*

SHB blog C&P_2

SHB blog C&P_3

If you ever need letterpress Jacqui is definitely the lady to see. Check out here website here. She’s also pretty darn lovely to boot x

SHB blog C&P_4

The wedding invites are still a work in progress…


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