Small things towards a minimalist life

January 20th 2017
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Starting a new journey into minimalism

So, minimalism? What’s all the fuss and nonsense about? Well it’s about freeing yourself of the fuss and the nonsense. With today’s social media and being able to look into other people lives via instagram and blogs etc we seem to all want to have a consumer led lifestyle. Don’t get me wrong I like pretty and lovely things as much as the next person but I’m starting to question more whether it brings me any happiness to have these things. I can desperately want something for months and then as soon as I have it I move on to the next thing pretty quickly.

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The joy in empty spaces
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Letting go and being free

Now only just really getting to grips with the idea of minimalism, instead of decluttering, I started by doing the simple things first. I have a lot of online shops emailing me and sending me newsletters, half of which I don’t actually recall subscribing to. As each one comes through I’m slowly unsubscribing and deleting them without clicking through to see what goodies they have to offer. This has done two things. First up I get less junk to scroll through in my inbox and can see clearly all the important emails and work stuff I need to do. Secondly I don’t waste valuable time clicking through to images of stuff I don’t really ‘need’ to buy. Once upon a time we had to make the effort to go shopping when we needed something now it’s right in front of us all day every day and we can buy something just because we’ve seen it. I used to feel like I needed to sign up to certain newsletters so that I didn’t miss out on anything.

Already I’m quickly gaining some important quality me time… the time I would take to look at the pretty products on offer I’m able to write this blog post. I literally wasted far too much of my life already and I will now only subscribe to those things that give me happiness and not bother with the rest. I have a couple of email addresses that I use and I now keep my work email address for a ll work related and other important emails. My secondary email, which is for this blog are now used to subscribe only to things that are of interest to me but that I don’t desperately need to see in my main email. I have both accessible on my computers at work and at home and via my phone. However I have to physically select my second email inbox to see what is there. I choose to only do this once a day usually in the morning, sometimes I’m forgetting to do it until lunch time!

The other thing I’ve done as of the beginning of this week is to turn off my social media notifications. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how attached to our mobile devices we are and I’m trying to find ways to reduce this. How many of us post to instagram and then spend the next 10, 20, 60 minutes constantly seeing all the notifications pop up on our phones? It’s stopped me from being in the here and now and I’m too distracted when my beautiful boy tries to talk to me or asks me a question. What I’ve noticed, even in the few days since I’ve turned them off is that I post and I put my phone away. It may take me 30 minutes or a couple of hours to remember to have a look and see if anyone has left me a comment. I’m trying to check my emails less on my phone and pinpoint pockets of time that I can concentrate on responding to messages so that I can then spend quality time being in the present moment with my son. I’ve even started to say to him, if he’s constantly chattering to me whilst I have a moment, to give me 1, 5, 10 minutes to complete my task and then I’m all his. I’ve noticed a change in how we interact and it feels better for us that we have those pockets of checking mail, social media etc and then those pockets of just chatting and me putting my phone out of sight and usually reach. Lucas will be 10 this year and he’s very savvy to our using our phones and he makes comments. Those comments really make me realise that our phones have become glued to our palms. Social media is great for meeting like minded people across the globe but it needs it’s own time and place. We need to spend more time focusing on the people right in front of us who can talk and laugh with and tickle and touch and kiss. Isn’t that what’s important?

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my little milk guzzler and the most important person in my life

I will continue to share my journey as when I feel it’s important or if someone asks me a question that I feel is relevant and worthy of a reply through a blog post. I don’t have all the answers but I’m going to enjoy learning and sharing my journey along the way.

If you have any fab tips to share or questions to ask please leave a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.

Big Love, Cat x

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