Black wood decking

May 11th 2016
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TTT blog_deck 02

Absence… makes the heart grow fonder? Well in my case it just makes me realise I’ve been away from here for far too long. I’ve started a couple of posts, but just not had the right words to fully explain my absence. Sadly I still don’t but I have been working on it… promise.

For now, I hope this little start will suffice, as a nod to say I’m slowly coming back. I’m aware any followers I did have will have more than probably scarpered. Honestly I don’t blame you although I’d love to win you over and have you back. An explanation is on it’s way and I’m getting excited to share a few plans and posts with you that I just didn’t get to last year and a few new exciting projects that I’ve been involved with this year.

For now though I just want to share a little garden progress with you.

We have a ridiculously long and awkward garden which over the last 8 years has become unrecognisable to the previous owners vision. I will post an image or two another time to show you what I mean. It was just grass and flower borders all the way down with a greenhouse, used as a place to keep ourselves warm rather than grow anything. We dug up almost every plant/flower, laid grass to the edge of the hedges, laid flags and decking and covered the huge veg patch and created 4 raised beds instead. The decking accounts for about a third of the garden and wasn’t laid quite as close together as I’d’ve liked but it does a job. The idea was to make a relatively hassle free garden but it’s surprising just how much work it takes to maintain! With all the rain and snow this past year it’s just gone green and slimy.


TTT blog_deck 04 before
TTT blog_deck 01 during
TTT blog_deck 05 The little man playing whilst we worked on the decking
TTT blog_deck 06 He thought it was fun letting a bucket of water fall down the slide
TTT blog_deck 03Loving his new jimjams from the awesome The Bright Company
TTT blog_deck 07after

After quite a lot of work last year, in weeding and adding wood chip to the borders and my little piece of cheating heaven, hiring a gardener, we’ve actually been able to tackle some of the more cosmetic stuff this spring. We bought a Cuprinol charcoal deck stain last year and after purchasing a new amazing powerwash (more on that in another post) we whizzed through cleaning all the green off the deck and used a special liquid to properly clean the section of decking we were trying it on. The Mr started the job using the brush provided and then I joined in by using a hand brush to stain the areas inside the gaps. The tub said to use two coats… we have only done the one because we didn’t want it solid in colour. I like that we can still see the grain of the wood.

I absolutely love the way it’s turned out and I’m itching to do it on some of the upper parts of the decking.

What do you think? Do you prefer it wood or charcoal? Do you have any black decking in your garden?



Kids at

February 27th 2015
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TTT blog Made linas_bunk_bed_lb2_1

Linas bunk bed

Since I got ‘Home of the Month‘ from Made Unboxed in December I have been following them on Instagram and a few days days ago got a little over excited when I saw they were launching a new series just for children… eeek there goes my bank balance again!

They launched on 25th February and I’ve got to say I’m totally blown away. I’m so gutted I didn’t know this was happening sooner as I would have loved one of the beds pictured below for Lucas.



TTT blog Made linus_single_bed_lb1

Linus single bed

TTT blog Made linus_single_bed_lb2TTT blog Made linas_bunk_bed_lb6TTT blog Made linus_sleeper_high_bed_trundle_lb3

The details are beautiful and I would have loved Lucas to have a bunk bed. However, he decided he no longer wanted a cabin bed so I’m pretty sure a bunk bed was out of the question. (darn, darny, darn, darn, darn)

I love and that’s because I have purchased from them in the past and the products have always passed muster and I think they are good value for money too. It takes a little bit of faith on my part as I can’t test out the goods beforehand but they do now have a bricks and mortar showroom that you can head over on to and test out some of the products they sell before committing to a purchase.

I have already placed my order, the Iso bedspread for Lucas’s room, but may be placing another as they have since added a few more items to the collection. This really could be dangerous!!!!

TTT blog Made iso_180x130cm_printed_bedspread_lb5TTT blog Made iso_180x130cm_printed_bedspread_lb1

TTT blog Made iso_180x130cm_printed_bedspread_lb3

Iso blanket

TTT blog Made iso_cloud_cushion_lb1 TTT blog Made iso_single_bed_set_black_white_lb1

Iso cloud cushion // Iso bed set

TTT blog Lucas Made mask

Also a big thankyou to made for the lovely surprise package. Lucas really loved strutting around in it this morning. x

Have you purchased anything from the made children’s collection?

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