Sleeping Lions | Credits

July 24th 2015
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TTT blog_sleeping lionsTTT blog_sleeping lions credits Source

screen grabs from the BBC iPlayer site.

A few months ago our super talented friends, David & Louise, asked my amazingly talented Mr to create some graphics that they could translate in to credits for a short educational film they were making for the BBC. Having never done anything like that before it was a challenge and I’m really proud to say they went down really well. He came up with something really simple and well thought out in the end but they capture the essence of the story being told if you watch carefully. I’m so totally proud of him and to see our company name credited on a film, especially one made by two wonderful friends.

I found out this morning that the film was broadcast very early this morning. It’s quite a dark storyline so be warned before you head over to watch it. I truly think it’s a fabulous film and is very sensitively done but is very clear in its intentions.

You can find it on BBC iPlayer here.

Hidden Treasures | Bob Wilson – Tailor

October 25th 2014
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TTT blog - bob wilson03TTT blog - bob wilson04TTT blog - bob wilson05 TTT blog - bob wilson06 TTT blog - bob wilson09TTT blog - bob wilson07TTT blog - bob wilson15TTT blog - bob wilson10 TTT blog - bob wilson11 TTT blog - bob wilson12 TTT blog - bob wilson14

I want to introduce you to our friend Bob. He’s our local Tailor. He works from a relatively tiny cellar studio space just on the edge of Blackburn town centre. This chap can whip up a suit as quickly as you or I could probably bake a cake. The speed and ease with which he can adjust the arm length on a jacket or guess what size waist you are just astounds me.

Stephen, my husband, has been taking his ‘off the peg’ jackets and trousers here for some years. He’s a little under average height and prefers to make things fit well. He loves Bob.

Bob is Saville Row trained but came back to Blackburn and started his business many years ago and he is always busy. But no matter how busy he’s always got a smile on his face and a cheeky tongue in his chops. He made my husbands suit 10 years ago for our wedding and we have recommended him to friends and family and they have had suits made too. Not as expensive as you might think, depending on the fabric and lining you choose of course.

He recently had surgery on his heart to correct the rhythm but he was back at it within a week. He’s due to retire next year so he is slowing things down at a gradual pace and has discovered another love in his life that he will persuing once he finally retires. He wants to be a club singer and by ‘eck as he got a voice for it.

I’m gonna miss Bob… a lot! No matter how you are feeling he can always put a smile on your face. He’s not the sort of guy you just go in drop your stuff off and leave, oh no, you can be there a good 30 or 40 minutes. You don’t get that kind of customer service anymore. They just don’t make em like they used to.

We wish you all the luck in World Bob. xxx

Paleo Chocolate

May 13th 2014
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Seriously love chocolate? I do! Need to stay off the sugar? I do!

The photos below are making me crave chocolate… do you fancy a box?

*all photos courtesy of @creativelypaleo

SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 4SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 2SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 3

Don’t these look absolutely drool worthy delicious! Believe it or not they are sugar free, nut free, soy free, dairy free, grain free and handmade.

Since before Christmas I found the lovely Pru @creativelypaleo on Instagram, or rather she found me. I have a friend who has a lot of health issue and most of those have been found to be food related. For the past 18 months she’s been living a paleolithic lifestyle, I dislike the word diet as this isn’t about weight loss but health and well being.

So, my friend, has gone from constantly feeling tired and not being able to get out of bed to jumping out of bed most mornings and doing rock climbing and the like. She’s back to the person I remember from when I first met her years ago. I have a few problems with certain foods and I consider myself a sugar addict. I realised this when I was hiding packets of biscuits and making excuses to go to the kitchen and hiding the fact that I was eating them from my husband. About 9 years ago, before I had my son, I took sugar out of my diet for 3 months and I was a different person. I also removed bread, anything with yeast, preservatives, additives etc and I was fitter, healthier, my mind was clear and I had so much more energy. Over the years I have gone to eating ‘bad’ food again and I’m sluggish all the time. I started with a personal trainer last year and she got me running and I changed my lifestyle and eating habits to match and I was going great guns. That was until I had a chest infection and, as I do, I left going to the doctors thinking it would go away. It’s now getting on for 6 months and I can’t shift the cough, I’ve stopped running on recommendation by the damn doctors and I’ve taken countless steroids and antibiotics! Now I feel worse than ever. Time for a change!

SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 6SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 1

About a month ago I decided to look into the paleo diet with a little help from my friend and the good old internet. Now, I’m not currently strict with it, but I’m starting and learning as I go along. I’ve started to follow a few paleo IG accounts and I’m so glad Pru found me. This lady has been on the paleo lifestyle for 3 years and is an amazing with food.

One day whilst I was looking through her account I noticed a new link on her profile: SUGAR FREE, PALEO CHOCOLATE! Well I couldn’t resist and clicked through to the link.

SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 7

She is trying to start a business and needs a little funding to help buy better equipment to produce a smoother chocolate. Well straight away I decided to sponsor it. There is so much out there at the moment about Paleo but it seems to be more acknowledged in America than it does here and certainly in London more than it does around the North of England.

Clicking the sponsor button was really a no brainer. Being a small business myself and having help along the way how could I not put my hand in my pocket and make a small contribution to help this lovely lady basically help me in the end. I see a little light at the end of the tunnel that I can still enjoy some of what I love.

If you have a sugar addiction that you want to stop or you have dietary issues then paleo chocolate is the way forward. I find it very difficult to give up sweet foods and this way I can enjoy a little of what I love without it harming me.

You really do need to go and look at her indiegogo page and make a donation and you do get something in return for your donation. I’m looking forward to my first taste soon of some of the lovely chocolates she’s already experimenting with. She can’t go the whole way and start selling this chocolate unless she gets a good chunk of the money to but better equipment. If I could sponsor her the full £2000 then I’d do it in a heartbeat. We all moan that we can’t lose weight or we can’t change our eating habits. We all moan that we need to go on diets and get healthy but how many of us actually get out there and do it. This lady and my friend are proof that it works but unless all the people who say ‘I wish there was something I could do’, actually do something then things won’t change. Only you can make those changes and if you don’t you’ve only got yourself to blame.

There are only 4 days left to this campaign and then the chance has gone. Maybe not forever as I have a feeling Pru will do everything she can to get the equipment she needs one way or another.

Go on what are you waiting for!

SHB blog creativelypaleo choc 5

Best of luck Pru xxx

Secret Wedding

May 7th 2014
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Just over 4 weeks ago we went to our friends 7th birthday party for their company, Marmalade Toast. Well as it turned out they decided to get married on that exact same day! I was in on the secret as I was required to help with a couple of things but even though I knew it was all still very emotional and wonderful to be a part of. I recently heard the whole story of how they met and this is two people who were destined to be together even though it took a few years and tough times to get there.

I’ve only known these two lovely people for 10 months yet I feel like they’ve been a part of our lives for far longer.

Congratulations you two lovely peeps and I hope you have a happy and fulfilled life together.

Much love xxx


Conver- sations in Creativity with Donna Wilson

April 12th 2014
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SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_18

I attended the Conversations in Creativity with Donna Wilson way back in February and have wanted to share for so long. It was run by Creative Lancashire and they have just released the Q&A session on you tube so I guess now is as good a time as any.

I came across Donna‘s work mainly on IG 2 years ago and spied here porcelain ware for the first time in Stilleben in Copenhagen shortly after. I would have bought a piece only we had a small suitcase and it was already chic full and I figured it would be smashed by the time we got our cases off the plane when we arrived home.

SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_01 SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_02SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_03SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_04SHB blog CIC Donna Wilson_05

Please click through for more xREAD MORE

Moody Monday – IG bloggers

February 24th 2014
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I’m continuing my shout outs for some lovely IGers.

I know there are a lot of you that I follow that have blogs. The ones featured this week are those that I follow due to content or because I already followed the blog before I became an avid IGer.


SHB blog - IG bloggers


1 – Rikke @thatnordicfeeling | 2 – Lauren @suskandbanoo | 3 – Fritha @tigerlillyquinn | 4 – Elaina @elainakeppler


SHB blog - IG bloggers


1 – Lori @wildandgrizzly | 2 – Nuria @soynuriaperez | 3 – Mariela @1happymess | 4 – Kerry @seventytree


I love each of these blogs for different reasons, humour, design, family, photography, crafting etc. You should really check out these lovely ladies blogs and let them know I sent you because it’s always nice to know where new readers come from.

I read many blogs, when time allows it, but the ones featured here are just those from my IG friends. If there are any blogs I should be following please feel free to leave a comment below. Always love to find new blogs.

Happy Monday all x

David Barnes Johhny Marr & Suede

February 22nd 2014
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My very talented friends directed 3 music videos for two of my favourite bands from my youth.


Johhny Marr, New Town Velocity, Directed by David Barnes

I’ve known my mate David for over 11 years. He’s known my hub, we worked it out the other weekend, for at least 16 years. He was there the night me and hub got together, yes he was a bit of a gooseberry, but he had no idea bless him. We met up with them last year and had a good old giggle about this and how he had no idea.

He played the guitar at our wedding. He learnt the music to Bjork and Radiohead songs at our request and he made me cry! He also shot our wedding video. We had no intention of hiring a videographer or a photographer yet our friends decided to offer their services anyway… we are lucky to have such great and talented friends.

David Barnes

David – 10 years ago!

David met the lovely Louise and introduced us to her on my little boy’s 1st birthday. I’ll never forget the day she called me a present nazi! (I’ll explain that one later). Love her to bits. Since then their love and friendship towards our son has grown massively. They are now honorary Aunt and Uncle. I recently asked my son who he would want on a sleepover, me thinking of school friends, he said David and Louise. Actually he said the man with the guitar or Barney as he now calls him and the funny girl! That just sums up the impact they have on our family. Two very amazing people and did I mention how talented they were?… No? Well let me tell you…

Both are film makers and have been nominated for many awards. Louise’s company, Libra Television, was mainly involved in children’s programmes but her and David have been know to write and shoot short films together. Louise makes a pretty fine actress too!

SHB David Barnes

Two Sugars – before David went solo and is now David & Goliath

David started out at the BBC and then started his own company, Two Sugars, location scouting and directing. He’s now gone solo and is known as David and Goliath.

He’s made many adverts and television programmes but the bit that kills me is last year he pitched, won and shot Suede’s 2nd most recent music video. I was and am still a big fan of Suede and I’m just so envious that he and Louise got to meet them. I’m trying not to squeal with total excitement and obvious jealousy!

We hear lots of anecdotes about exciting things that happen to them but what I love the most about these two is that they are totally down to earth and love nothing better than relaxing at their country retreat (that’s our house!). They live in the big City of Manchester and they love to come and spend time with us (mainly Lucas!) and chill out whilst we run around feeding them. Only kidding you two! Well we do but we love it.


Johhny Marr, Upstarts, Directed by David Barnes

I wanted to share this couples talents by showing you two music videos they have done in the past few months. The first two were for Johnny Marr, formerly of the Smiths and the third for Suede.


Suede, Hit Me, Directed by David Barnes

They flew to New York for the international Emmy Awards last week and won an Emmy for their documentary, Same but Different. I’m so proud of these two and so in awe at their obvious talent but more than anything it’s just great to have these two wonderful people in ours and Lucas’s life.

Screen Shot 2014-02-22 at 18.26.13

It’s out 10 year wedding anniversary in August this year and the two of them will be playing a part in the celebrations which I’m so happy they agreed to do. More of that in another post.

For the moment though I just want to say Congratulations to you both for not only winning an Emmy but for making amazing films and music videos.

Love you guys x

Everybody Rules the World – WUTMT

February 19th 2014
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I had to share this. My friends band have just posted this to their Facebook page and you can find it on youtube.




Tears for Fears just happens to be something I’ve been listening to a lot of lately. Call it a mid life crisis if you will but I just love listening to stuff from my teenage years at the moment. It brings back so many lovely, care free memories and just takes me back to a life before I had to worry about mortgages, jobs and family. We may not think it was easy as a teenager at the time but when you look back on it it was a wonderful time.

Everybody Rules the World was one of my favourite tracks and I loved Roland & Curt.

Watching these guys do this cover just really made me smile and I love their version. If you don’t already follow these guys then you really should… they are gonna be the next big thing… like seriously!

So WTF  are you waiting for…


Check out here to see how to follow them.

Moody Monday – IG

February 17th 2014
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As part of the Moody Monday series I wanted to share some of my favourite IG feeds.

I try to keep the people I follow to under 200 but that tends to go out of the window the more people I come across. There are so many amazing feeds and I love them all for different reasons. I have 4 of my own feeds, because I’m super greedy… no not really, well I do have 4 feeds but it’s not me being greedy. I have my own personal feed @flutterbymama as well as my shop feed @wearestudiohb. I’m also co-director, with my hubs, of @sourcecreative design studio and I also have a new venture which I’m trying to get up and running called @britmakers… more on that in another post. These are people I follow from my own personal account.

If I follow you and you are not featured here please don’t take offence. I have many categories I want to share and you may pop up in another post.

I love all the people I follow and I love all my followers for the love they show and the comments and likes. You are all totally awesome!

Today it’s all about families and the ones that make me smile whenever I see an image pop up in my feed.

IG family feeds

| 5 | 6

1 – Nomi @mrsnomi  | 2 – Nat @i_saw_and_liked | 3 – Jules @ jujugoodfellow | 4 – Andrea @littlebuckles | 5 – Alice @aliceguy | 6 –  Audrey @audreycaru

I have been very lucky to meet 3 of the wonderful mums above. Nomi doesn’t live too far from me so we had a coffee date before Christmas. She’s a rather inspiring lady who is also very crafty. Nat met us at the London #igtatedate13 and was super lovely and stylish, wish we could have spent more time together. Andrea used to live in my home town before moving to France. We only discovered this after I purchased one of her lovely handmade apple cushions and she then had my address. It’s such a small world! She made it to see her folks over Christmas and we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to meet up in the oldest cafe in out town. It was so great to meet her and her beautiful little girl Anna, the other two were at the cinema. It just wasn’t long enough and felt like we’d known each other for years. Hopefully we’ll get to catch up again… even if it means us going to France!


IG family feeds_2

| 5 | 6

1 – Kerry @kapowk  | 2 – Kate @kateoliver | 3 – Madelon @madebylon | 4 – Melissa @melissabomba  | 5 – Cara @oh_deardeer | 6 –  Paulie @mrs_paulie_

Most of the above feeds I’ve followed from quite early on in my IG life. I feel like I know each of them very well and I adore each of their children. Things move so quickly on IG and I do spend less time on there mainly due to being so busy with work and my own family life. I have lost touch with a lot of goings on but I do always check in on these lovelies and go back through their feeds to have a little catch up when I do get some time. I do miss our conversations.


If you don’t already follow these lovely feeds then trust me when I say you are missing out on a treat.


If you think I should be following you then leave me a comment below. 


Book Signing – Damian Harvey

February 13th 2014
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All this week is book week at Lucas’s school and yesterday they had the children’s author, Damian Harvey, come into the school and participate in classes. At the end of the day parents could take their children to purchase a book and get it signed by the author himself. Lucas was very excited by this and luckily we got quite near the front of the queue. I can imagine some parents and children were waiting for quite some time.

SHB blog_booksign_01

Damian signing 2 of Lucas’s new books

Damian has written some of the Oxford Reading Tree books that Lucas has read as part of the school curriculum. He absolutely loves reading those books but for the book signing there was a whole series of other books we didn’t know about called Robo-Runners. We had just enough pennies to buy two books and this little dude was absolutely made up. We read the first two chapters of the first book as soon as we got home and he’s managed to read another couple by himself last night and this morning!

SHB blog_booksign_02 SHB blog_booksign_03

One very happy boy

SHB blog_booksign_04 SHB blog_booksign_05

Can you tell he’s super made up with them. I think we shall be purchasing the other 4 before the week is out.

One thing we have no problem in buying him is books. It’s important to read and to enjoy it in this day and age is an absolute wonder. He’s my little book worm and I hope he continues to want to read. We’ve read to him ever since he was tiny and from the point where my lullabies just weren’t cutting it anymore ha!

I think all schools should make the effort to get someone like Damian in to inspire the next generation of book writers. I’d happily support my son if that’s what he chose in life. I picked up a vintage typewriter a few years ago and he absolutely loves getting it out and just tapping away at the keys and making up stories. He goes through a tonne of paper, some of which is recycled, but we have kept most of the stories because we believe he will look back on these in later life and see something in his younger self. I wish I had bits like this from when I was a child but most things from my childhood have disappeared because we moved abroad for a time.

We have a little memory box of ‘stuff’ for Lucas so that he can see his achievements when he gets older. That box is almost full so by the time he’s in his 20’s and becomes interested in his past we will probably have half a dozen of those memory boxes!

SHB blog_booksign_06

I just want to say a big thanks to our school and also to Damian Harvey for wanting to inspire our children to not only be avid readers but to maybe one day want to become authors.


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