Victoria Baths

July 1st 2014
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Vintage Home Show

June 30th 2014
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1 year of Live Like the Boy

February 12th 2014
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I started following this young man on twitter a few years ago when his online name was knitboy. I like someone who is witty and intelligent and this lovely chap also has oodles of style. So after I moved over to instagram we started to follow each other on there. A while later he changed his name to @liveliketheboy and this was the point he’d moved from working from someone else to setting up his own home design, retro finds & interior design business.


‘scuse the shite quality photos (really need to remember my ‘proper’ camera)

At the weekend he celebrated his first year as a shop owner of all kinds of lovely and laid out nibbles and prosecco for his customers and visitors. I have been saying for months I will pop over for a visit but being down the other end of the M65 I just haven’t managed it. If I couldn’t make it for a special occasion like this then it was a pretty poor do. My little munchkin was at a birthday party in the afternoon so me and hubs decided to head over and ask my mum to collect him from the party. It was actually really nice heading out somewhere knowing we weren’t gonna get bombarded with ‘are we there yet?’, ‘I need a wee’, or ‘I’m bored’ every five minutes.


The dachundly handsome pooch Stanley

SHB blog_moblltb_01

So at last we finally managed to go and see the lovely shop in the newly redeveloped Shackleton Hall, Colne. The last time I’d seen this place it was full of bird poo! The roof structure was unsound and we had to wear hard hats, it really wasn’t a pretty sight to see a beautiful old building in ruins. Thankfully some money has been spent on the place and now Shackleton Hall is something to be proud of and best of all this is where Ashley of Live Like the Boy has decided to start his little emporium of great design.

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It’s always great to meet people you have met through social media and what’s even better is to find that these people are genuinely nice and not just ‘putting it on’. Ashley is one of those down to earth, genuine, full of fun human beings that you are just drawn to. He’s sweet and lovely and beyond all that he’s an inspiration. Ok, gushing aside he really is lovely. I could’ve happily chatted for hours about design and blogging and shop stuff with him but my hubs was getting itchy eyes from being around the very adorable Stanley so he eventually had to drag me away.

Ash & Stanley, it was so lovely to meet you both and I hope our paths cross again very soon. You deserve all the luck in the world with your venture and I can’t wait to see where the journey takes you. If you ever need help with anything you know where I am.

Cat ♡

SHB blog_moblltb_04

This is what I had to drive home in! Photo credit: Stephen Caton



The Little Lending Co.

January 15th 2014
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I’ve met some amazing people through social media and I followed the run up to the lovely Penny & Anthony’s wedding back in 2013. It was fun to see all the things they did themselves to not only save money but to make it a much more personal affair.

You can check out Penny’s personal feed on IG here and the company feed here.


I thoroughly enjoyed the pics on IG on the run up and all the images on the day. It was clearly a special day and meant so much to them and their close friends and family and I was pleased to be able to watch from the side lines.

What I think is truly amazing is how something can start out as one thing and snowball into something else. Having collected so many pieces for her own wedding Penny came up with the idea to start her own little business hiring out some of the items she’d collected and made to other brides and grooms to be for their weddings. What a genius idea. This is her story…


1. Can you tell us a little about yourself.

Hi my name is Penny, 27 year old newly-wed living in Norfolk with my fab hubby and black cat Tinky. I love long walks on the beach and fish and chips. I’m a confessed social media addict – I just can’t help looking at everyones beautiful pictures on IG. Passionate about interiors and always changing my home around, good design and one off pieces make me smile.


2. Explain a little about your shop, what do you sell.

I have a little rustic and vintage wedding and events hire company that I run out of my garage (and sometimes our home too when the stock takes over!) I love that today, when planning a wedding the ideas and opportunity are endless and you are only limited by your own imagination. Timeless, unique and simple pieces will always be a great talking point at any event.


3. You started this business only a few months ago. Can you explain what it was that inspired you to set up this business and why this type of business in particular.

I was sitting by the pool on our honeymoon thinking what are we going to do with all the wedding bits we’ve collected and I just instantly knew I didn’t want to sell it all, so here I am hiring it. There was no-where locally that had the products I was offering so I saw a gap in the market for The Little Lending Co. Not everyone has the time to search for these hard to find and often pricey and sought after items so me doing it for them made total sense. Its ideal if you are short on storage space too.

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Vintage by the Sea

October 2nd 2013
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Saturday in Morecambe… not the most exciting day I hear you say. Well how wrong you are! Morecambe, for me, brings to mind an old seaside town and visions of Morecambe & Wise. I used to come here when I was a child to spend hours in the open air paddling pool, eat ice cream, candy floss and soggy sandwiches and usually a chippy tea before we headed back home. Ahhhh fond memories.

Outdoor Pool 1984 - pic courtesy of John Burke from Flickr

Outdoor Pool 1984 – pic courtesy of John Burke from Flickr

The very last time I remember coming here was about 8 years ago with the hub. If I remember rightly it was a windy Sunday and we just decided to head out and somehow ended up in Morecambe… as you do. It was a little bleak and we spent a few hours wandering around, walking down the Pier and getting a couple of coffees from some rather interesting cafe’s. The cafe was still stuck in the 70’s but for me that was pretty awesome.

(Please excuse some iPhone photos as my Nikon ran out of battery!)

Eric Statue

Eric Morecambe Statue in true Vintage Makeover

So a couple of Saturday’s ago saw Wayne & Gerardine Hemingway’s Vintage Festival head to Morecambe to help celebrate the refurbished Midland Hotel. It’s the iconic art deco hotel’s 80th anniversary. The last time I came to Morecambe was at least 8 years ago and this beautiful hotel was derelict and boarded up. Always one for the vintage we couldn’t miss out on this event. Wayne & Gerardine were instrumental in getting the Vintage Festival to the Preston Guild last summer and it’s the best Guild I’ve ever been to, so yeah they are only ever 20 years but I’ve been to 3! No I’m not 60 cheeky! (I was born in the year of the first one I went to!)

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Vintage Fisher Price

May 24th 2013
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Me and Bec have been talking about toys we remember from our childhood and we discovered that we had the exact same toy just almost 20 years apart!

I find it kinda funny that I’m old enough to be Bec’s mum yet how the hell did we have the very same toy?! I asked her to show me a pic as I thought maybe she had the slightly rounder more dog shaped 80’s version but no she had the flat sided dog on wheels with a springy tail… just like me (the dog not the tail!). I remember this dog vividly. The day it’s lead broke I was distraught and my mum had to go and get my dog a new red lead. My mum is pretty ace! I dragged that thing everywhere. Needless to say it had a fairly short life as dog’s go. I have no idea what happened to it but I don’t remember it coming with us when I moved house at the age of 5.

The range of toys nowadays is phenomenal and I think my little man is very lucky. If I had my way he would only ever be allowed wooden toys. Impossible when you have family and friends who buy him gifts for Birthdays and Christmas’s. We are very lucky in that most people know us well enough to search out some pretty special gifts. Grandparents tend to ask us what he wants or likes and fortunately he mostly has good taste. The last game he wanted us to buy for him was mouse trap. As a family we absolutely love playing it together and I think it’s a must have board game for everyone. His main obsessions are anything Lego City and Hot Wheels Wall Tracks. Pretty classic toys I think that we can actually enjoy together as a family. He has a penchant for anything you can build with too such as wooden bricks and marble run. He loved marble run so much in his first year at school his teachers said he was going to be an architect! I love how he uses his imagination to play and doesn’t expect the toy to entertain him. We once bought his a Thomas Train set from a car boot sale and it was pretty much the worst thing we’ve ever purchased. You built the track and switched the train on and off it went?! All you had to do was watch it go round and round. I can’t see where the fun is in the that. Lets just say he got bored pretty quickly and went back to his wooden rail and road track.

Fisher Price telephone - re-make (1st Birthday gift from our very talented friends).

Fisher Price telephone – re-make (1st Birthday gift from our very talented friends).

Being the sentimental old fool that I am I started collecting a few toys, from back in the 70’s, before Lucas was even conceived! I have the playground set for my weebles which he’s had out a few times but we play with it together. It’s a little delicate so we keep it out of the way of visiting children.

Although I think much more limited, back in my day, the toys were built to last. Good old Fisher Price was a staple in any child’s playroom or bedroom. I had the television set that played London’s Burning and Row Row Row your Boat. I broke it when I stood on it at the age of 3 or 4 when I was trying to reach something high up. Damn my pesky, inquisitive child self. On a trip to the Lakes when Lucas was a wee lad, about 8 months old, I found one in a shop and I couldn’t leave without it. It wasn’t an original but it was a genuine remake of the original version. I can’t really figure any difference but it was a really long time ago when I played with the original.

Fisher Price telly - re-make

Fisher Price telly – re-make

I remember having the desk when I was a kid too…

Fisher Price desk - vintage

Fisher Price desk – vintage

The boy has used this desk rather a lot hence the handle has broken off. It’s been a brilliant toy and I will be keeping them for when he has kids of his own.

Fisher Price camera - vintage

Fisher Price camera – vintage

I found this on eBay and couldn’t not buy it considering my line of work. The boy loves getting this out when I get my big digi out. I’m going to have to get him his own big boy camera soon!

Fisher Price till - vintage

Fisher Price till – vintage

Car boot find in very good condition. This has been ‘broken’ by his friends on numerous occasions but it’s always been fixable. Sometimes the springs pop out if the buttons are pressed too hard. It just shows how tough these toys are.

I’m always on the look out for more vintage toys and I’m desperate to find a record player and cassette player. One day.

I just want to leave you with one last toy I remember that we love… anyone remember the View Master?

View Master - vintage

View Master – vintage

I’d love to know what toys you had as a kid and what decade you were born in… leave me a message I’d love to hear.

Happy Flashback Friday All.

Cat x







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