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October 28th 2016
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Hello to anyone who may still be out there who might just happen across this little ole blog of mine.

I’ll be honest and say that I’ve possibly had a mini crisis of belief in myself and what I want from life. Blogging, social media and my favourite of all online platforms, instagram, have taken their toll on me the last few months… who am I kidding… probably the best part of 2 years!! I started to doubt myself a little and put waaaay too much pressure on little me to run this blog a bit like a business. I want to post regularly and I have certain plans for series in my head but I’ve just been struggling to find the time to get things done on the same day/date each week/month. I let it all get to me and I was wondering how I would come back from it.

I went to blogtacular in June 2015, which I absolutely loved. I came home with a head full of ideas and motivation and was keen to push myself. In hindsight, what I didn’t factor in was the fact that I am a mum and I run a business (together with my Mr). I was already doing full time hours just doing those two aspects of my life… seriously how the hell did I think I could run a blog as a business too?! After all I’m not getting any younger, my health is a bit shot and I want a life. It’s taken some time for me to have that lightbulb moment and take a HUGE step back and to try and remember what my motivation was to start a blog way back in 2009 as well as why I loved Instagram.

I discovered the wonderful world of blogs over 8 years ago when I was embarking on our kitchen reno and starting an interior spatial design course. I think we tend to derail slightly once we’ve had kids and start things that set us on a new and exciting path, like having kids isn’t enough of a detour! I wanted to just share photographs (helllloooo instagram anyone?) and my crazy chair obsession as well as my skills at picking up those car boot bargains. Over the years my ideas and blog have taken me in new directions and I love everything I achieved, yes it’s small fry when you consider what’s out there but I guess my downfall was not totally staying focused and trying to do too much at once without the breathing space to sit and think about where I wanted to end up.

Fast forward to now and I’m building myself back up slowly. I have things I want to share and write about but I want to be careful that I don’t push myself too hard and undo all the good work I’ve moved towards with regards to my family, business and health these past 2 years. I want this blog to reflect me and my life so I shall be posting pictures of those homes and designs that I love. It will become a place to photodump all my photography which will mainly be events and weekend outings with my family. It will also become a place to share my journey with health and wellbeing. Basically I just want this blog to be a place where I share ME! I’m not looking for this blog to make me money. I’ve realised I don’t need that and I was getting caught up in the idea that to be successful that is what I had to do. I make a good living and this was meant to be my creative outlet and a bit of fun. I’d be very pleased if you would join me on that journey bit please don’t feel obliged… we all lead busy lives and I respect that.

So I guess this is me saying HELLO I’M BACK! Grab a cuppa of your choosing, take the weight off your feet once in a while and let’s take this journey called life a little slower x


  1. Well hello!

    Although we didn’t meetat Blogtacular last year, I did see you and have followed you since. I’ve been blogging for slightly longer than you (but not much in the scheme of things!) it’s an up and down bumpy road.

    I’ve also been inspired and thrown myself into “going pro” then I backed off a bit, then I backed off a lot. There is so much damn noise out there, so many lightweight filler blog posts and I don’t want to be contributing to that no matter what the experts tell me or what rewards it may bring.

    So I’m now a slow blogger, I did a post on Monday, I might do one tomorrow, I might not, I have a lot of stuff on, the thing I want to talk about will keep till I’m ready.

    You must be doing something right because on my bloglovin feed I just scrolled past pages and pages of posts that didn’t compell me to click on them, but yours did and I read it all.

    Write what you want, read what you want, comment where you want… and be your best self.

    • Hi Clare and sorry for the massively delayed reply. That’s actually one of my pet hates about some bloggers… never responding to comments! To be honest I wasn’t expecting any so totally missed it.

      I think the whole pro blogging is fine for those who need to make a living out of it but for me it was meant to be about pleasure and sharing. I want to get back to the roots of why I started in the first place and sadly blogtacular wasn’t really any help. It just felt like a nice instagram meet up with other stuff thrown in. I think blogtacular is definitely a grat thing to attend for those in need of learning how to monetise a blog. I’m sad I missed seeing you there as I feel we’d get on wellbut there’s always a blog or insta meet ;-)

      I think I’ve finally figured what I want to share and I’m in a place where I’m happier and more able to blog without all the noise around me telling me I need to do it better. I’m me at the end of the day and I’m doing this for me so who else do I need to please? It’s so refreshing to hear others feel the same so thanks for taking to the time comment. It means a lot. xxx

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