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April 3rd 2015
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Back in 2013 I got chatting to a very lovely lady at a vintage weekend in Morecambe. Turns out Keeley was approached to write a book, to compliment a series, about vintage homes. After a couple of emails back and forth and thinking my home wouldn’t be quite what they had in mind, my home was chosen to be photographed amongst the other lovely retro inspired homes.

Last year the day came and Keeley, along with a lady from the publishers and a photographer took over my house for the best part of a day. There was a pretty mad cleaning session prior to this day but it was totally worth it to eventually see my home in print. It’s taken a good 18 months from first discussion to actually having the book in my hands and it’s been difficult not to post photos on IG. {I did post a sneaky one as I was just too excited!}

A couple of weeks ago I was invited along to a mini book launch that Keeley had arranged. She organised it at the close of The Vintage Home Show, held at the Manchester Victoria Baths. It was a perfect opportunity to get some of the other homeowners who’d taken part in the book and attended that day to sign the book.

So this brings me on to a little giveaway I’ve decide to do.

Today is the start of our Easter holiday with our little flump and it’s also my BIRTHDAY!!!!


GIVEAWAY {rules}:

  • ——————

Yay, who doesn’t love a giveaway?! So, the rules are pretty simple:

Leave a comment below sharing a story about something in your home. It could be how you acquired that perfect something, or that one thing you have in your home that was a gift from a loved one that just isn’t your taste. It could even be a story about your home. The funnier or odder the better. I will share the winning story on instagram.

Giveaway closes at 12 midnight GMT on Friday 10th April. Any comments after this time will not be entered but I will enjoy reading all of them. Together with my family we will choose a winner and announce it here and on my personal instagram account. It will be posted out on Monday 13th. International followers are also welcome to enter.

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Keeley and me.

Thanks for sharing your stories and have a wonderful Easter break.

Hope the sun is shining, especially for our local egg rolling on the park. ♡


Leave your lovely comments below.


  1. My home is full of many stories so I’m wondering what to tell you about … My hunt for affordable vintage eero Saarinen chairs or a jielde lamp or my verner panton chandeliers … No … More interesting is the tiny engraved metal part of a horse riding whip that was given as a prize to my grandfather when he won jockey of the year – not a funny story but the only thing I have of his (as we weren’t in Australia when he did so his things were split between my father’s other siblings). When I was young, my grandfather was my absolute favorite person and his death when I was 9, hit me very hard. It’s a weird thing to keep displayed in my home but it’s something I would rescue in a fire – sometimes sentimental things are OK to hang on to, especially if they continue to make you smile about the great memories you have.

  2. My partner & I just bought our first home & my initial attempt at DIY did not go well…

    A simple removal of a screw the previous owner had left in the wall resulted in a huge missing chunk of plaster.

    Let’s just say I’ve quickly become good with Polyfilla ;)

  3. My grandmother gave away many of her traditional Indian sculptures to my mother ,though exquisite they didn’t go with minimalist decor of our home.So we decided to redecorate the house to go with those beautiful statues.

  4. My story is not about an object in my house but the house itself. I used to take a detour every week on the way to the library or to the local shops just so I could stand and admire the beauty of the Georgian white cottage with its rose trees in the front garden and the name of the farmer and its date beautifully inscribed above the front porch and thinking of what stories it must have been seen within its four walls. It came up for sale and although we had no intention of moving I HAD to have a look inside. While walking round the house and garden I had tears streaming down my face in awe. ( It was definitely not to our taste with its flock wallpaper, false panelled walls and layers upon layers of red carpets everywhere) I got ‘that feeling’ goosebumps everywhere, it was a home not just a house. When my dad asked what it was like I started crying and said ‘perfect’. His response was buy it! He generously lent us the money until we sold our original little cottage ( 3 years later!) Almost a year later we moved in, every wall, ceiling and floor was renovated and brought back to its original glory. My dad tirelessly worked his way through room by room with me by his side trying to learn a minuscule of knowledge he possessed. He is no longer with us but I see him in every room and remember the precious days, hours and minutes we spent together to make that dream home mine.

  5. My story is about a chair… Well, actually 2 chairs that I would not sell for any money in the world! Yes, If u can love a piece of furniture, I love this 2 chairs! :) .. The first one, is the only antique piece we own, its not a design, or any famous lable I know of. This chair was almost inside the trash can… When my mother in law decide to call me and ask if I was interested in it… She said it was old and broken, but if i wanted I could have it. I was pregnant and feeling like the strongest woman on earth ( hormones gone crazyyyy) and I told her to bring it to me that i needed a project… This chair is way over a hundred yrs old and it had been in the family since my mother in law was a kid… I treated and glued all the pieces carefuly and changed the fabric into a more modern one ( i like the contrast) and now, its a beautiful piece that has emotional value for the whole family ( even though my 4 yr old is the only one who actually seats on it cause we are afraid it will colapse with more weight :-)
    The other one is a Domus chair I always dreamed of… But i didnt want it new.. I wanted a vintage piece… I looked long time until one day I saw an add of this pieces that were originals from 1949 found from an old church in the country side… I thought, YES, thats the one… The problem was a model with a vinil cover on the back and seat! But I decided to take anyway thinking I would just take the vinil of and revernish the wood. Deal was closed and I came home happy as you can imagine… I couldnt wait to do the work, but, for my surprise, when I uncovered all the chair, I found that all the surfice had been choped with a knife… It was an old tecnique they used back they to make sure the feeling inside wouldnt slide down and ruin e support and therefore, confort of the chair… Ha.. There i go again… New project… I remade the whole back and sit with proper ulfostering mass and worked the whole surfice till it was perfectly even… Then I carefully repainted it… I did not touch the arms or legs… It was the hardest furn. I ever worked on… I love the contrast withing the chair as the wood on the legs and arms have beautifully aged with the charp new look of the back and seat! Its my precious and its special for us all!

    I Hope you enjoy reading about my babies :-)


  6. I have a major thing for vintage crockery, dinnerware, etc. My favourites are my 1950s Melmac serving pieces in aqua that belonged to my grandmother. My mother recalls how they always had mismatched plates, bits of this and that — and as it was her job to set the table for meals, she always felt frustrated that she couldn’t make the table look “pretty”. She was SO excited when the family finally bought a brand new and very modern Melmac set – plastic was the future, ha! All matching and in a lovely soft aqua colour, she could finally set a beautiful table (and to this day, one of her favourite things still is setting a lovely table + entertaining)! I received the sugar + creamer set, plater and a few serving bowls in addition to my grandmother’s midcentury “Swiss Chalet” pattern china. One sentimental detail, is that on the underside of the Melmac platter, my grandmother wrote her name on a piece of tape – most likely when she took food to a party. I always wash it carefully, as I love seeing her sweet handwriting and want to preserve that memory. I bet she never imagined that her dishes from Alabama would end up in England (and then back to the US)! I love seeing bits of her around our house… wherever we move, it always feels like home. xx

  7. When we bought our home it was a repossessed property and when we moved in I was so excited but also saddened that once in this place lived a young family that had lost their home. We never got to meet the previous owners or tenants but I always pray and hope that their circumstances change or have changed and ‘new doors’ open for them. I’m a strong believer in recovery and second chances. Recession sucks.

  8. I am a lover of clutter. A hoarder of little memories, collectables, keep sakes, photos… So as much as I might enviously admire clean, minimal, white spaces. I couldn’t possibly live in one. That and the fact I’m hopeless at cleaning! Some of my favourite spaces at home are where this is in evidence most. My kitchen shelves with its random collection of glasses, food jars, vintage tins, pretty but useless crockery that will rarely, if ever, be used. The wall above my desk, and the downstairs loo, covered in a mish mash of old family photos. Our bedroom shelves, filled with a semblance of order with colour coordinated books, but then covered in the chaos of photos, cards from restaurants on our travels, vintage scrabble tiles making our names, etc etc. My husband sighs at the amount of ‘stuff’ we own, saying we need a life laundry. I give him the satisfaction of agreeing, but I know it won’t happen! I love disorder and disorder loves me. A messy home is a happy one :)

  9. When my husband and I bought our first home together (a teeny tiny one bed flat in a beyond fabulous Art Deco building), we were faced with the daunting task of furnishing it! Did I say daunting? Hell! No! It was my idea of heaven. I trawled through reams of images in varying interior magazines of, needless to say, varying quality. The one thing I was certain of, however, was that I needed a black sofa. Being from Ireland and a suburban town to boot, I was pretty damned determined to get red sofas or plush patterned ones firmly out of my life and live (I thought) a wholly London existence and that black sofa screamed sophistication with a capital S! So we set out on our journey and it was blooming hard to find (it was, I must point out, ten years ago!) The best bit, though, was my mum’s reaction to a ‘black’ sofa. She couldn’t comprehend how anyone could make such an elaborately wrong decision. She’d mutter things like, “a black leather sofa, maybe… but a FABRIC one?” And go on to say things like, “how will I tell Maura?” or other such friends and family. We were so completely entertained by the reaction that we just loved pushing for more. And, besides, we knew that her assertions of how-would-she-tell-folk were pure fiction and an attempt to dissuade us. We found it charmingly hilarious but when we did get that that ‘black’ sofa and took photos of us lounging around on it to send back home to mum, we were met with unanimous shock and, I hasten to add, disgust. Everyone agreed with my wonderful mum or maybe she just paid them off! We sold that sofa a few years ago and invested in an original Danish daybed. Rest assured, though, it’s still black and my mum still has issues with it and you know what? It makes us love her and it all the more!

  10. So I had decided I wanted a 70s style ‘kitsch-en’. I decided the pinnacle of this was going to be those ugly ceramic jars with faces – you know the ones? There’s a pickled onion shaped one, with a sour face, a beetroot man with a deep red/purple face a quite sunny apple man…

    I had found many of them at car boot sales and charity shops and apple man was a cheap eBay find.

    Celery man eluded me.

    By now, friends and family had joined the search, my Facebook wall was littered with photos asking if this was ‘the right one’? One grey Sunday I rose and rather half-heartedly left the car to trudge yet another car boot.

    And then suddenly – there he was! On the very first stall, languishing near the back. I began to sweat, grabbed him and enquire as to his price.

    Imagine my delight, readers, on hearing every thrifter’s dream – “50p, love.”

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