New name, new look, same old me

August 8th 2014
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The Triple Triangle Tattoo

Ok less of the old but a whole new super duper looking blog with a shop update to follow to soon!

I talked a while ago about changing the name as I originally inherited it when I started working with my hubs. It never really felt quite right.

Heres’s what happened: It’s mine and hubs 10 year wedding anniversary next week…eeeeek, and we talked over a year and a half ago about getting a tattoo each. We wanted something to represent the three of us, me, hubs and Lucas. After lots of discussing we (rather I) decided on three stacked triangles. I want mine on my wrist but hubs, being the designer he is, never managed to commit to one final design. He’s been known to go off his designs over time and isn’t sure he could live with a single tattoo design forever. I decided to go ahead but as yet haven’t found someone I trust who can make it as small and delicate as I want. That will be something for a later date.

So, after months of thinking of names and wanting something personal it finally hit me… The Triple Triangle! It’s personal to me and it’s all mine!

Once our anniversary party is over (more on that later) and probably after the boy goes back to school, there will be some major changes happening to my blog and to the new look shop. I’m ever so bloody excited!

I’ve been spending a lot of my spare time organising our party which is seeming to be more like a 2nd wedding than an anniversary party! I’ll be sure to share more once we get back after our honeymoon…errr I mean holiday which just happens to be right after our party.

I hope you like the new look blog as a lot of thought has gone into some of the detail. I’d like to say a huge thanks to my hub for the design and to our new developer Alex, who has put the majority of it together and has made some brilliant suggestions for the small things.

I also wanted to say sorry for not posting for a while but it’s a bit busy behind the scenes here and organising a party is seriously stressful… how the hell people organise massive weddings I’ll never know. We had a low key one and everything, before kids, seems so much easier… no? just me? Oh well!

I will be back to regular posting soon, so please watch this space.

Miss you all x

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  1. Such a perfect name and a beautiful new look, congratulations! xxx

    • Hi Ruth, thank you it’s been a long time coming and now just to get everything up and running x

  2. Love the story behind the new name and how it represents an awesome trio. So looking forward to the new changes to the shop and the big party pictures too. Very excited for you. Mel xxx

    • Thanks Mel, You always have the loveliest things to say. New name, a new journey x

  3. Hello lovely Cat!

    Nice to see the new blog – love the look and feel and triple triangle is genius!



    • Thanks Tip. It’s been a tough decision to make the change but I think it’s been needed for me. x

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