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June 15th 2015
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I’m one of those people that has a lot to do but can never quite prioritise so in the end nothing gets done. Does that sound a little like you?

At the end of January this year I was having an IG conversation with my beautiful friend Karen. We were both having a rather non ideal Monday in that we hadn’t achieved anything of what we set out to do. We were both feeling a little lost and so the idea came about that we should inspire and be accountable to each other. We decided on a hashtag and thought it would be lovely to get other people involved… after all the more people who know what our mammoth tasks are for the day/week the more likely we are to get those things done.

So #makealistmonday was born. The idea is to help break down your lists into manageable daily tasks and see how you get on. Take a composition whether it be your actual list or a view of somewhere you write your list or even an activity you wish to do. It could literally be anything. Post it to instagram and remember to use the hashtag so we can find it. In the comment be sure to let us know what your plans are for the day/week ahead. On Sunday we’ll choose a grid of four of our favourite posts and it will also act as a reminder to think about your lists for the following day. Each month I’ll share a selection of some of our most favourite images and/or comments over here on my blog.

Having done this for the last 20 weeks there have been a couple of small changes. Life has increasingly got busy for both myself and Karen so sadly she has had to take a step down to concentrate on life and work. However the lovely Emily has stepped in to offer to join with me. I wasn’t certain whether I’d continue, especially if it was a solo mission, but Emily, who is currently waiting for the arrival of another baby, kindly offered to join with me and take on from where Karen left off.

I feel really warmed by everyones help, in deciding what to do once Karen was no longer able to contribute, and am so happy that we are able to continue. I had so many ideas in what I’d like to do for the future of the hashtag and I think once Emily’s little bundle has arrived and settled in to our World then we shall get together to put some of these plans into action. For something that was started to help two people get off their sofa and actually do something I’m surprised and pleased that so many of you have joined us weekly.

Thank you… to all of you x

a year older | my baby

June 9th 2015
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Taken in 2009

I can’t quite get my head around the fact that my son is 8 today! It feels like only yesterday since we struggled to conceive and went through the tests, tears & trauma of trying to start our own little family.

He’s such a sensitive little soul and a joy to be around. I couldn’t imagine our life without him and that so very nearly happened.

My husband and I met when we were 30 and started trying for a family when we were 33 but it was a struggle for a year. I won’t bore you with those details but I do remember the day so clearly when I saw those little lines. Actually I remember it well as we’d been to visit a friend in Sweden and the Mr told me I was acting weird so I did a test. I came down stairs and just cried in his arms as it was negative… no line. The Mr, being the wonderful man he is, went to clear it all away and re read the instructions. It was the faintest line ever. I rushed to the chemist for another test and the lady behind the counter said even the faintest line is absolutely positive. Happiest day of our lives… well until 9 months later at least.

We’ve been very lucky to have our wonderful boy and I’ll be ever thankful for him because he was pretty much a miracle. It should have been an IVF journey for us but we were fortunate. We’ll never have any more but he’s enough. It’s taken a lot of getting used to but we settled as a family of three.

He brings sunshine and light to dull grey days. His sweet voice is like an angel (with exception to his singing!) His little nose and beautiful mouth and those piercing blue eyes always melt my heart. I didn’t realise I could love another human being quite so much. He means the absolute world to me and as frustrating as some of his little quirks are I love them all the same. I see myself in him, his words and his actions. His frustrations and temper, his smile and love of life. I see his dad in him through his actions and easy going-ness, he never wants to upset or disappoint, he’s kind and gentle. He’s clever (not sure where that’s come from?!) considered and wary. Most of all he is my love and I truly don’t want him to grow up. I want cuddles ad kisses forever but some day, and probably some day soon he will recoil at the thought of kissing his mama. I’m hoping that day will be far away.

TTT blog _ Lucas babe 1TTT Lucas babe 2 TTT Lucas babe 3


To my darling pickle… I love you more than fish fingers and jaffa cakes (not that I’m allowed either anymore). You are my shining star in a sometimes dark sky and you are my bubbles in the bath. Keep being you for every little quirky and unique bit that your are. Happy 8th birthday sweetie, you’ll always be my baby. Thank you for choosing us to be your mama and dada. x



Blogtacular | Eeeeek!

May 29th 2015
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Blogtacular Conference

Photo credit: Will Ireland for Blogtacular


I started blogging back in mid 2009. Why? Errr simply because I liked the idea of sharing stuff. My husband and I were looking to have the back of our house remodelled, gosh that sounds fancy, it was more knocking through walls and living with brick dust for months. We started to search for kitchen ideas as this was part of the work we’d started. I came across the perfect kitchen, which we incidentally didn’t go with in the end, and I discovered this lovely ladies blog. Her home was virtually the same layout as mine, albeit a mirror image. I fell in love with her style and this was one of the first times I realised there were other people out there that liked the same stuff as me. Anyway long story short I was inspired to start a blog. I shared my thoughts, my family, my car boot finds and anything else I wanted to share. It was my way of sharing and got a few lovely followers along the way. If you’re not a blogger you won’t have any idea how a comment pinging up on your inbox can make you feel.

In 2011 I wrote my last post on that blog. I revisited it in 2012 just to leave an explanation as to why my World had changed.

I took over blogging for the studio, that I now co owned with my husband, and I’ve dabbling ever since. I’ve found it difficult to get my flow and have been a little sporadic to say the least!

Since 2009 and now, things have changed dramatically. From something I did for fun now feels like I need to take it a little more seriously. There are full time bloggers! That get paid to blog! What the…? I’ve looked at what they do and I feel inadequate. How sad is that? I don’t want to be comparing myself to others but I’m struggling not to. I shouldn’t be just playing at this anymore so I need to find another way. I toyed around with regular Monday and Friday postings as I had help from a member of the studio staff. It worked really well for a while but I’m now back to blogging alone and I’m just unsure whether what am I writing is of any interest to anyone? Strangely this hasn’t stopped me and I post when I feel like I have something to say or time permits it. Time is a also a big one at the moment, or rather lack of it! Having found myself in full time work, running a business and looking after my family and home I don’t always have the time or inclination to spend a couple of hours a night blogging.

Thing is I have lots of ideas and I just don’t know how to organise it all and to get myself going. I’m checking out people who post things on ‘how to blog’ etc but I just need to meet some fellow bloggers. In all the time I’ve been doing this I’ve met only one other blogger. She’s a relative newbie but has a lot of determination and drive and after speaking with her I discover she has a very specific plan. She has built a huge following both on her blog and social media and her secret, as it were, is organisation and planning. This seems obvious I hear you cry. I’m good at being organised at work but for some reason I struggle with blogging. Maybe it’s a mind set. It should be fun and not feel like work. If I have to plan it all then I’m back in the realms of it being work.

In may 2014 I was perusing instagram and happened across a lot of folk talking and posting about an event they were at called Blogtacular. Itlooked like so much fun. I heard a lot about it and decided I would go in 2015. Well as soon as the early bird tickets were released I got myself all signed up for it. I’ll be heading to London in exactly 2 weeks… eek, all by myself, no one to hold my hand. It’s only really hit me this last week or two what I’m about to do. I’m going to walk into a room full of amazing bloggers and feel completely out of my depth. But you know what I’m gonna chat and mingle and most importantly I’m going to get inspired and get that kick up the butt I need to make some decisions about my blogging future!

I’m nervous as hell and excited in equal measures. Check out last years promo video. If this doesn’t get your blogger juices flowing I don’t know what will.

If you happen to going already I can’t wait to meet you! x



Real {home} life | Andrea

May 27th 2015
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TTT-Blog-Andrea home_009-RHL

REAL {home} LIFE : 3

Andrea is from my neck of the woods in good old Lancashire, UK. I discovered that she literally lived 5 minutes away from me before she moved with her gorgeous family to the beautiful countryside of France. Andrea used to have a shop selling interesting vintage pieces she’d source locally and also handmade items like the little apple cushion I bought from her which is how we came to discover we would have virtually been neighbours in our younger years.

I’ve been in love with Andrea’s instagram feed because it’s not like everyone else’s. It’s warm, fun, family orientated and most of all full of love. Her feed is just beautiful and I adore what she has done with her homes (they are currently relocating).

If you want a little of Andrea’s style then check out the resources at the end of the post.

Andrea lives with her husband and three beautiful children in rural France (at the moment!).

TTT blog_Andreahome_02

All photography by Andrea (edited by Cat of TTT)
TTT blog_Andreahome_09TTT blog_Andreahome_11TTT blog_Andreahome_03TTT blog_Andreahome_13TTT blog_Andreahome_10TTT blog_Andreahome_08 TTT blog_Andreahome_07 TTT blog_Andreahome_06 TTT blog_Andreahome_05

What part of the World do you live in?

  • We live in rural France, pretty much in the centre of the country.

Who do you share your home with?

  • With my husband of nearly nine years and our three wonderful children and our two old collies.

Tell us a little about you and your family?

  • I’m at stay at home mum, still adjusting to life with three children. I never thought it would be so tiring! I have an etsy shop (temporarily closed) where I sell French vintage homewares. Also, I love to be creative, making the children’s clothes and creating with the kids but since Anna was born there never seems enough hours in the day. By 7pm I’m pooped! It’s getting easier so I’ll be back on track with shop and creativity soon. Our two eldest children; Sam 7 and Bella 5 attend the village school and now speak French fluently which sounds so sweet. I’ll never get tired of listening to them. My husband, Scott is a joiner/shop fitter. He runs his own business here which is going really well and hopefully will continue to do so.

How would you describe your taste/style?

  • I don’t seem to follow one specific style. When I buy for the home it’s usually without much thought and more if I like it. Vintage, mid century items are my favourite, all of which I pick up at the charity shop.  I also love the Scandinavian style and simplistic French Blue/grey colours.

Can you tell me a about how you came to stay in your home?

  • We’ve recently sold our old French farmhouse where we lived for nine years and moved into a 1960s home. We live on one level and the children have the converted attic for playing and sleeping. It’s smaller than our old house but much lighter and warmer. It’s actually a temporary situation as we’re soon to be moving to a city apartment. A complete change of life for us!

Where does your inspiration come from to decorate and furnish your home in the way you do?

  • My inspiration comes from many things. From Pinterest, Instagram, magazines and blogs to places I visit for example, friends houses, restaurants, airbnb apartments, shops. I loved our recent trip to Amsterdam as I spent most of the time looking through people’s windows. The Dutch have effortless style.

Does having children influence your decor and if so how?

  • Definitely! Ever since I was pregnant with Sam, I could imagine a house full of children’s paintings and toys. Every room has to include them or their art work. It’s not forever, so I love to make the most of it. We have pieces of furniture with their toys/books in each room for them.

How have you found the transition moving from the UK to rural France?

  • We moved to France before the children were born. We wanted to escape the rat race. My husband had a stressful job and we made the insane decision to sell and leave. We didn’t really research what we could do in France but we dealt everything as it happened. Overall, it’s worked out really well and we’re happy and settled. That’s not to say it’s not been tough and overwhelming. However, after nine years in the countryside, I’m looking forward to city living for a while :)

What is your most prized possession?

  • Hmmmmm, I’m not sure. My sewing machine comes to mind. I couldn’t be without it. On a sentimental note, the precious stone guardian angels my best friend bought for each child and a black and white photo of my nan dancing which I want to blow up into a canvas.

Is there a particular piece or something you have an interesting story about?

  • There is one I shared on Instagram recently. A carved wooden man I found in our last house. It was such a special house in many ways. Owned for more than 100 years by the same French family. They left many belongings including old recipes, photos etc. but the old carved man is pretty special. It’s like my mascot and I’ll take him everywhere we’ll live :)

Do you have a favourite shop – Online or bricks & mortar?

I love a good rummage in a second hand shop and you seem to like the same. Do you often buy something just because you love it or it’s too good a price not to take home or does it have to have a place before you will buy it? 

  • I used to buy anything if I loved it. I now have to restrain myself, especially as we live in a smaller house.
  • I’m looking forward to reopening my etsy shop so I’ll be able to go back to buying what I love, waiting until someone buys it to pass it on.

Do you buy many magazines and if so which ones would you recommend?

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone starting out on their journey of furnishing and decorating their new home.

  • 1. To take your time. Don’t make any rash decisions. Sometime you have to live somewhere a while for ideas to materialise. 2. Do research- pin pin pin! 3. Don’t follow a design or style to the t. A mix of styles or adding your personal touch makes all the difference.

If money was no object what is the one thing you would change about your home if anything?

  • I have a few! change the floors to wood, add velux windows upstairs and add a bath. The children currently have to manage with the shower or baby bath.

What in your opinion is the best thing about your home?

  • The light. There are lots of windows. It’s so nice after living in a dark house for so long. It really does lighten the mood on grey days. However, the amount of windows to clean is not so good.

What do your friends say about your home?

  • They love that it’s light and not as small as I make out. Also, the decision to paint the staircase grey was a good idea. That has made a huge difference to our living room.

What’s your biggest indulgence?

  • I don’t really have an indulgences. Though I do have a potential rug and bed linen buying problem! I’m following several rugs on eBay. But I really can’t justify buying one.

What has been your best DIY achievement?

  • DIY really isn’t my speciality. I’m not to be trusted with a drill even. A hammer is my only tool for putting pictures up and even they fall down. I do paint things a lot but my husband has a real knack of choosing great colours so I leave that part to him.

Thanks Cat for inviting me to be your blog guest. It’s been an honor :) x

Thank you Andrea for sharing your lovely home and for becoming a true friend. x

If you don’t already follow Andrea you can find her here: instagramblog, pinterest

Don’t forget to tune in next month for another Real {home} Life post and if you miss any you can see them all by hitting the REAL {home} LIFE button on the right side bar.

Resources List:



Habitat | Kanken | Fine Little Day | Tea & Kate | Pia Wallen | Ingela P Arrhenius

real {home} life | Gayle

April 29th 2015
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TTT blog Gayle's home_cover

Welcome to the second instalment of the REAL {home} LIFE posts.

REAL {home} LIFE : 2

This month I’d like to introduce you to the lovely Gayle. I met Gayle on that marvelous app, instagram. I meet the most lovely people over there so I’m very lucky indeed.

If you want a little of Gayle’s style then check out the resources at the end of the post.

Gayle lives in a beautiful Edwardian home which they have been remodelling for a couple of years. The progress is amazing and I for one would love a peek at some before photos! It truly is a stunning work in progress.

TTT blog Gayle's home_01

All photography by Gayle (edited by Cat of TTT)

TTT blog Gayle's home_14TTT blog Gayle's home_09TTT blog Gayle's home_07TTT blog Gayle's home_11TTT blog Gayle's home_08TTT blog Gayle's home_10TTT blog Gayle's home_13TTT blog Gayle's home_12 TTT blog Gayle's home_05 TTT blog Gayle's home_04Processed with VSCOcam with s3 presetTTT blog Gayle's home_02TTT blog Gayle's home_15

What part of the World do you live in?

  • Worthing, Sussex.

Who do you share your home with?  

  • My partner, Steve, and our 5 year old daughter Edie.

Tell me a little about you and your family? 

  • Steve is a graphic designer and I am a stay at home Mum, currently setting up my own business selling homewares (watch this space). As a family at weekends we like to go swimming, exploring on the beach, zoo, farms, seeing friends and extended family, also getting on with little DIY projects around the house etc.

Can you tell me a little about how you came to buy your home? 

  • We were renting a house just outside Lewes in East Sussex and when it was time to buy our first family home there wasn’t anything we particularly liked that was within our price range (Lewes prices are crazy). So we started looking further afield and a friend put the idea of Worthing in our minds (she has since moved – to Lewes of all places!!!). We spent lots of weekends looking at houses with a then toddler Edie (no mean feat) but didn’t find anything that grabbed us. We decided we would just carry on renting in Lewes for the time being and look again at a future date, but then I received an email with the details of this house and told Steve we absolutely had to see it. We’d seen nothing at the price that also had so much character. We arranged a viewing and that was it, we were sold, and putting an offer in straight away. We didn’t even go for a second viewing. There was loads of interest and we ended up in a bidding war but I’m like a dog with a bone and I think in the end we got the house by paying £400 more than the other family!

What space do you have?

  • It is a 3 bed Edwardian semi on two floors. One thing that stood out for me was the size of the bedrooms – one large double spanning the width of the front of the house and then two smaller doubles (so no box room).

How would you describe your taste/style?

  • I am really drawn to minimal, modern, Scandinavian style.  I love white walls and simple furniture, I also love typographic prints/graphics. I don’t like anything fussy/chintzy and don’t like too much clutter.  I also like the industrial/warehouse look – things like exposed brick walls, untreated metal work and large open plan spaces.

You are currently renovating your home, which I know takes time, patience and money. Has Instagram influenced you in any of your interior design decisions?

  • For as long as I can remember I have had a passion for interiors (particularly Scandinavian) and I’ve collected interiors magazines for years. Instagram has been really useful/inspirational as well though, as you see evidence of everyday people making interior design decisions which helps you be more brave because you can see it works. I’d say the main way it has influenced me is pushing me more towards monochrome – whilst I have always loved white and grey I definitely used these colours as background for other colours before IG – but now I seem to only add black! I am currently trying to get a bit of balance between some monochrome and some colour!  It’s also opened up some new brands to me and encouraged me to shop more independently.

Where does your inspiration come from to decorate and furnish your home in the way you do?

  • Pinterest, interiors magazines – in fact it was one particular issue of Ideal Home magazine that convinced me to knock our 3 downstairs rooms through to one big space – the house in the magazine was the exact same layout as ours.  I knew I wanted to do some knocking down of walls but was possibly going to keep one room separate.

What is your most prized possession?

  • Not strictly interiors related but I would have to say my photos and videos of Edie. I do also love our “love seat” – bought as one of the first bits of furniture when we first got together, in a lovely shop in Brighton that is sadly no longer -hopefully this will be passed down the generations. I also have a large picture of Twiggy that I’ve owned for years and love but Steve is not hugely keen on it! We are currently coveting some string shelving for our kitchen to replace some IKEA shelving, and I’m sure that will become a prized possession!

Is there a particular piece or something you have an interesting story about?

  • Not particularly as most of our furniture is IKEA!

Do you have a favourite shop – Online and bricks and mortar?

Do you buy many magazines and if so which ones would you recommend?

  • I have subscriptions to both Living Etc and Ideal Home magazine. Occasionally I will buy Grand Designs and Elle Decoration, also my Mum passes on her “Good Homes” to me. Ultimately I am a bit nosey so I love a good look through an interiors magazine! I think Ideal Home is great at showing relatively “normal” people’s homes and also it has floorplans – I am a sucker for a floorpan as I love to look at the pictures and get a sense of how the rooms fit in with the other rooms in the house. Living Etc is definitely very aspirational and guaranteed to make me a little envious at times, but good at showing slightly more daring design.

What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone starting out on their journey of furnishing and decorating their new home.

  • I would say – try to do one room at a time – this is not a piece of advice I have followed  so every room I go in is unfinished which is annoying!  Also, gather lots of inspiration from magazines, other peoples homes, IG, Pinterest etc and stick to what you love – don’t necessarily just follow the latest trend – go with your gut. Lastly, practice the art of patience (I need to take this advice!!!) and don’t rush into anything – we lived in our house for a year without doing anything drastic, working out how we live as a family, before we knocked all the walls down. Also if you have an idea of a particular piece of furniture you might like, wait until you can afford it – I have made a few mistakes trying to get cheaper alternatives which haven’t worked and have turned out to be a waste of money.

If money was no object what is the one thing you would change about your home if anything?

  • Nothing about the home per se as I think we have made the best of the existing space – in an ideal world I would have extended into the side return and maybe out into the garden by a few metres to have an even bigger kitchen/diner but I don’t think its necessary. I would also love a driveway as parking on our road is a bit rubbish. If we were to move again then a drive would be high up on the priorities list.

What in your opinion is the best thing about your home?

  • That it is so light and bright and open and white. That it has wooden floorboards and fireplaces. That after years and years of renting I have finally got to make my mark on my own home, something I definitely want to do again if money allows.

What do your friends say about your home?

  • It depends on the friend, as if they like floral/fussier decor they generally don’t say anything much!!! I also hear “do you like white?” quite a lot!! Some friends have said that it should be in a magazine which is very kind and most comment on how they like the open plan nature of the downstairs. People do also comment positively on the use of the space under the stairs, that we’ve managed to squeeze a loo, sink, washing machine, and coat/shoe storage space in to.

What’s your biggest indulgence?

  • White floor paint???!!!! We painted our floor 7 times in the end as one brand of white we had used was not white enough!!  I don’t really spend silly amounts on anything as funds don’t allow!

What has been your best DIY achievement?

  • I would say the sanding, filling and painting of all the floorboards countless times. Also the impromptu knocking off plaster in our bedroom to have exposed brick.

Thank you my dear friend for sharing photographs of your beautiful home with us and telling us a bit more about yourself and your style. I love seeing the changes by following you on instagram.

If you don’t already follow Gayle you can find her here: instagrampinterest

I’m really excited to be sharing some lovely real homes with you so be sure to tune in next month for another Real {home} Life post and if you miss any you can see them all by hitting the REAL {home} LIFE button on the right side bar.

Resources List:

IkeaMarimekko | Eames | Lego | Stokke | Jansen&co | Naked Lunge | Habitat | SeventyTree | TKMaxx

Giveaway | Style Me Vintage Home

April 3rd 2015
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TTT BLOG book giveaway_01_titleTTT BLOG book giveaway_02TTT BLOG book giveaway_03  TTT BLOG book giveaway_05 TTT BLOG book giveaway_06TTT BLOG book giveaway_04READ MORE

Our home | Lucas’ Bedroom

March 31st 2015
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TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_08

We have recently been updating my boys bedroom. He’s outgrown a few of the elements and has become a little more involved of late as to what HE wants in HIS bedroom, only fair I guess and it had to come sooner or later! Thankfully he still trusts me enough to give him selections to choose from. He has his own mind but as long as he has certain input he’s happy.

You can see his room before here and here. He went from a cot bed straight into the Ikea Kura cabin bed. It worked brilliantly for him and us but as he’s got older he was getting a little sick of not being able to get out of bed easily. We used to read with him underneath the cabin bed but as we are getting *ahem cough… older… we weren’t finding it so comfy under there any more and then climbing into our bed to read before bedtime became the habit. Then he’d be all cosy in our bed and want to stay there. He’s now almost 8 and getting too heavy to carry him to a cabin bed after he’s alseep. We had a long talk one evening and he tried to explain what he liked about falling asleep in our room. Turns out he didn’t like that when he was led down he couldn’t see much of his room. He also liked being able to see the fairy lights on our fireplace.

I had a good look around different places for a bed but we ended up at Ikea so Lucas could have a wee try to see if he liked the low beds first. We chose the Ikea Flaxa bed and we also bought a new thick mattress. It’s not the best quality construction but it’s suitable for a 7 year old who will probably want a double bed at some point soon! We recently gave the floor a new lick of paint to freshen it up and painted the walls again. We are aiming for a fun but slightly more grown up room. Ikea’s Stuva collection for children is just brilliant so we exchange his pax wardrobe {which he’d had from being a baby in a teeny tiny bedroom in our old house} and his malm drawers {also from being a baby} Feels more coherent and he seems to have far more storage.

Still loving me some vintage, his double desk was getting a little on the low side. Before we got that desk I’d already bought a single one from one of my favourite antique shops. We’d stashed it in the attic until he outgrew the double one. It felt a little too tall when we got it down so I had my wonderful husband saw about 9cm off the bottom of each of the legs. It’s now the perfect height and sits well with his chair

I think all in all we’ve done a fine job between us all. We never really had a ‘baby’ room so it’s been pretty straightforward making the changes.


TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_09TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_02TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_03TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_04  TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_06TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_07  TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_11TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_12 TTT blog Lucas room update 03-2015_13READ MORE

Real {home} life | Mariela

March 25th 2015
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TTT-Blog-Mariela home_009-RhL

I’ve been wanting to start a new monthly series since before Christmas but it has taken me until now to get things moving. My aim has been not to rush at getting these done rather plan and organise properly.

The series I wanted to start came from the very first post I did on here about my lovely friend Sarah’s, Archiesboutique, online shop. That was about 18 months ago now and I have always had plans to continue this style of post as well as share some interesting homes that are not straight out of a magazine {but they really should be}. I see beautiful real life family homes daily on instagram and various other forms of social media I use. I really feel it would be wonderful to share those homes here that haven’t necessarily been photographed by a pro or styled by anyone other than the homeowner.

Instagram is one of those places that can either give you fabulous ideas with what to do in your home or can make you blindingly envious as to how perfect anothers home is. I’ve been there and also feel my home is inadequate when it comes to having things completely finished and clutter free. (That’s my current work in progress, trying to get rid of the unwanted excess that clogs up my brain and hinders keeping my home tidy and organised. To be honest I’d have to give away both my son and husband for that to ever happen!!! *insert big smiley, crying face as you don’t know how true to reality that is! Don’t worry no family members will be harmed for getting in the way of perfection. Promise… no really!)

This series will run on the last Wednesday of every month.



REAL {home} LIFE : 1

So I wanted to introduce my lovely friend Mariela from One Happy Mess blog. Mariela is one of my longest standing IG friends and she is a very special lady to me. My dream is to have a Starbucks with this lady and have a proper catch up one day that doesn’t consist of IG messages and emails.

If you want a little of Mariela’s style then check out the resources at the end of the post.

Mariela lives in Puerto Rico and she has a beautiful home filled with love and fun.

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All photography by Mariela (edited by Cat of TTT)

Architecture | Preston Bus Station

March 20th 2015
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A couple of weeks ago I got a little nostalgic and decided to drag the whole family to our City Bus Station. Because of where we live, we normally get off the bus at the lower end of the town centre and walk our way up. On this particular day we headed to the City just so I could have a good look around a part of this place I’ve always called home. This fantastic piece of brutalist architecture has been here for over forty years and I probably haven’t stepped foot in it for well over 10!

Photographs are taken with my simple Nikon1 J2.


Preston Bus Station is the central bus station in the city of Preston in Lancashire, England. It was built by Ove Arup and Partners in the Brutalist architectural style between 1968 and 1969, to a design by Keith Ingham and Charles Wilson of Building Design Partnership with E. H. Stazicker. The building was threatened with demolition as part of the City Council’s Tithebarn redevelopment project. After two unsuccessful attempts it was granted Grade II listed building status in September 2013.

Information source: Wikipedia


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Whitworth | Manchester

February 28th 2015
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A rare photo of the 3 of us… good old self timer!

A little late but last Friday whilst it was half term we all took a train and headed to Manchester on a lovely family day out. Picture heavy post? You betcha’.

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Compositions With Horns (Double Flat) – Cornelia Parker

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Gilbert and George


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