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July 24th 2015
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screen grabs from the BBC iPlayer site.

A few months ago our super talented friends, David & Louise, asked my amazingly talented Mr to create some graphics that they could translate in to credits for a short educational film they were making for the BBC. Having never done anything like that before it was a challenge and I’m really proud to say they went down really well. He came up with something really simple and well thought out in the end but they capture the essence of the story being told if you watch carefully. I’m so totally proud of him and to see our company name credited on a film, especially one made by two wonderful friends.

I found out this morning that the film was broadcast very early this morning. It’s quite a dark storyline so be warned before you head over to watch it. I truly think it’s a fabulous film and is very sensitively done but is very clear in its intentions.

You can find it on BBC iPlayer here.

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